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The Le.D.R.A. Group, through its international multidisciplinary expertise and network of collaborating partners across the globe, designs and delivers successful projects with a focus on EU projects. Its areas of interest are encapsulated by its research and innovation strands, namely Le.D.R.A. Prime, Le.D.R.A. Blue, and Le.D.R.A. Green.

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What we do

We design and deliver projects devoted to a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary topics, from public health and environmental sustainability, to applied mathematics and cryptography.  Our mission is to handle real challenges and find solutions based on our strong toolset offered by our international team of experts

in research and consulting.

Specifically, Le.D.R.A. Group consists of,

Le.D.R.A. Prime     Le.D.R.A. Blue    Le.D.R.A. Green

Additionally, we also engage in dissemination and outreaching activities as well as incubator events and think tanks that aim to promote cutting-edge international technologies.

3D Abstract Object

Le.D.R.A. Prime

Research & Innovation

Le.D.R.A. Prime focuses on research and innovation projects. It offers a pool of expertise on EU project management and hands-on experience in research and innovation on a variety of interdisciplinary topics. Specifically, Le.D.R.A. Prime’s expertise focuses on architecture engineering for public health, environmental design & sustainability, IoT, smart systems, AI, machine learning, data science, advanced mathematics and cryptography. 

Le.D.R.A. Prime’s research and development intertwines also with that of Le.D.R.A. Blue and Le.D.R.A. Green in order to promote more holistic approaches to engineering and consulting projects. Examples of such projects target marine and maritime environmental sustainability, blue growth strategies, green energy production and use challenges, as well as public health and social innovation.

The bulk freighter, Federal Beaufort, leaves the St. Clair River and heads out into Lake Huron_edite

Le.D.R.A. Blue

Blue Growth Strategies

Le.D.R.A. Blue focuses on marine and maritime related research and innovation projects, which also have cultural heritage, environmental and educational aspects. It offers services that extend current knowledge and contribute in high-end value chains on sea/shore area development.

Le.D.R.A. Blue connects also with Le.D.R.A. Prime's and  Le.D.R.A. Green's research projects and activities.

Professional Growth

Le.D.R.A. Green

Sustainability through Multidisciplinary Approaches

Le.D.R.A. Green focuses on projects that highlight environmental sustainability through multidisciplinary approaches, which span from social innovation to up cycling strategies and green energy production plans. Le.D.R.A. Green combines Le.D.R.A. Prime's and Le.D.R.A. Blue's expertise.

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